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Why businesses unable to scale?

Even though revenue is growing and skyrocketing, the cost of labor associated with it is increasing at the same rate.

Why businesses overhire?

Procrastination leads to low productivity and as a result businesses need to hire more people to cope with demand.
“Procrastination is an emotion regulation problem, not a time management problem,” said Dr. Tim Pychyl, member of the Procrastination Research Group at Carleton University in Ottawa.

What if you stop hiring?

That's not a solution. Eventually, you will realize that as revenue grows, the customer experience begins to suffer as a result of the growth-pressure and increasing customer demand.

Only two options

1. Enhance emotion regulation to increase productivity.

2. Remove emotional factors entirely from your business processes.

We offer you the second option.

Meet Ai Employee™

The world's first A.E. (artificial employee)

  • Emotion-less
  • Zero fights and arguments
  • Fast and clear
  • Never procrastinate
  • Error-free
  • Works 24/7
  • 10x cheaper than Human

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