10-step process proven to deliver 10X value

1. Ask the code

Partner gives you the invitation code. 

2. Sign up

Use the invitation code to sign up.

3. Meeting with Partner

Hiring Partner helps you with the hiring process of an artificial employee.

4. Sign NDA

We do care about customers trade secrets as much as we do about our own. (Principle #3)

5. Maturity assessment

We assess your business process and identify opportunities. 

6. Document responsibilities

Then, we document those assessed processes. 

7. Calculate potential ROI

We use our proven formula to calculate ROI and business impact.

8. Contract

No deals unless we can deliver 10X ROI value. (Principle #1)

9. Learning starts

AE learns how to perform those responsibilities.

10. Hired

Congrats with a new team member working 24/7.

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